Removing Grass Stains From Your Laundry

As a parent, grass stains are among the most common stains you may find on your child’s clothing, but they are also among the toughest to remove.  Here is how to best get grass stains out of your laundry without a huge headache.

The reason grass stains are so hard to get out of your laundry is that they are essentially dye stains.  Most dyes are made from plant extracts, and they are designed to never wash out, so you can see why grass stains are so stubborn. 


When you need to get grass stains out of your laundry, start by trying rubbing alcohol.  Dilute the alcohol in three parts water and dab it onto the stained garment with a sponge.  Let the alcohol sit for a few moments, sponge the area with cool water, and then sponge on some liquid laundry detergent.  Rinse the garment, launder normally and allow it to dry.


If this is not enough, add a mixture of stain removing enzyme cleaner to your laundry and soak the clothing in the mixture for an hour before washing it again.  If this still does not work, try a color safe bleach or peroxide.

Grass stains are among the biggest frustrations for any parent trying to manage laundry and clothing budgets.  You don’t want to throw away your child’s favorite pants, but sending them to school covered in grass stains doesn’t feel quite right either.  When you need those stubborn laundry stains gone, the method above should be all you need to say goodbye to stubborn grass stains for good.

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