Review: Can the Contour Ab Belt Give You a Six Pack Stomach?

The Contour Ab Belt is the latest craze in ‘effort-free’ workouts.  It fits around the midsection of the user and sends electric pulses into the abdominal muscles.  This electric stimulation causes the muscles to flex and relax, and it is supposed to give the same results as doing an actual abdominal workout at the gym


Before spending money on any type of exercise equipment though, you will want to know if you are going to be getting results.  What do real people think of this product?


Many of those who have used the Contour Ab Belt have found that it does indeed help to firm the abs and increase definition.  Those who are in relatively good shape already have found that the Contour Ab Belt is helpful when they follow the program and add it into their current exercise routine.


Some of the customer complaints about the Contour Ab Belt don’t have anything to do with how well the product works.  They say that the battery is difficult to change, but this shouldn’t be much of a problem for most people.  Others say that the electric stimulation that the Contour Ab Belt provides is a strange feeling.  If you are ordering a belt that offers an electric pulse, then you should expect the feeling to be a little uncomfortable when you first start using the product.


Is everyone going to be able to get use out of the Contour Ab Belt?  That depends on how realistic your expectations are from a gadget.  While it might stimulate the muscles, if you are overweight you will not miraculously have a flat stomach with toned abs from using the product.  The machine will only tone muscles, it will not get rid of fat. 


If you have a ‘bit of a belly’ covering up those abs, you’ll need to lose that belly on your own before you can see your abs – then use the machine to tone and define them.  You need to do cardio and weight training several times a week, and start eating healthier.  Once you lose weight, then this product and others like it might be able to give you that defined midsection that you want.

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