Review: Does the Flex Belt Really Help Build Your Abs?

The Flex Belt features three medical grade gel pads that cover your abdominals and external oblique muscles. Via electrical stimulation, the belt causes all of your muscles of the abdomen to contract and relax.  This stimulation offers a workout for the abs without you having to do anything except wear the belt.  No long hours down at the gym.  It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?


The Flex Belt is certainly a unique product that works the abdominal muscles in a way that you’ve probably never considered.  This sounds great, but you are probably wondering if the Flex Belt really works.


The results from reviews of customers are mixed.  A number of women who used the belt after giving birth claim that the Flex Belt has helped them to regain the firmness in their abdomen without having to move around too much, which they listed as a big plus.  Others enjoy using the belt in addition to regular gym workouts, and even with adding some extra abdominal routines, they claim to have seen some positive results.

Not all of the people who used the Flex Belt liked it though.  Some customer reviews claim that the stimulation is not enough to give them the same effect as a traditional workout.  Others did not like the feeling of the electrical stimulation, comparing it to tiny needles pricking the skin.


The Flex Belt currently costs around $200, which is quite a sum for most people to spend on a gadget.  However, if you have the money, it beats doing hundreds of crunches every day even if the results it offers are around half that you’d see if you put in the effort yourself. 


To get the best results from any type of exercise product, whether it is the Flex Belt or something else, you need to incorporate it into your lifestyle along with a healthy eating style, as well as cardio training and weight training.

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