Review: the Big Boss Grill Can it Help You Cook Meals Quicker?

If you enjoy watching product infomercials to learn about the best cooking products out there, then you have likely heard of the Big Boss Grill. 


This 15-piece set is supposed to have everything you need to create the perfect meal for your family quickly and easily.  Whether you want to make waffles, chicken, asparagus, or just about anything else, the Big Boss Grill is supposed to make it foolproof, while also helping to make cooking easier, faster and cleaner.  The grill is also available at many electronics stores and kitchen supply outlets.


Surprisingly, the reviews of the Big Boss Grill are largely unfavorable.  Many people have received products that do not work at all, and a large percentage of customers are surprised by just how small the product actually is.  For meals for more than two people, many consumers report that it almost requires eating at separate times or choosing who has to eat food that is no longer hot. 


The Big Boss Grill also has a surprising number of complaints about food that cooks unevenly or that cooks incredibly slowly.

Ultimately, it is the size of the Big Boss Grill that puts off most customers.  While there are some singles and couples who enjoy using the machine to prepare foods once in a while, there are really few customers who see it as the next revolution in cooking. 


A surprising result for a machine that seemed like a real cooking revolution, but the bottom line is that the Big Boss Grill is anything but big and not at all necessary.

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