Review: the Halo Infrared Oven Can it Really Cook Frozen Foods Better Than Your Oven?

Few products have appealed to infomercial viewers who love to cook quite as much as the Halo Infrared Oven.  On television, this product looks amazing, using infrared heating and convection fans to rapidly cook even frozen foods evenly. 


The benefit touted by this product is that it can provide microwave cooking times while still offering the cooking quality that comes only with cooking in the oven.  With the ability to grill, broil, bake, barbecue, steam, and fry, the Halo Infrared Oven seems like a cook’s dream come true….. but can it live up to the hype?

Taking the time to read customer reviews will definitely tell you that this product is different from your average infomercial fare.  In fact, most people give the Halo Infrared Oven the highest rating possible. 


Many people buy the product on a whim, only to find that it is their preferred method of cooking frozen foods or anything that normally takes a long period of time to make.  Perhaps even more surprisingly, people who have had to call customer service with questions about the Halo Infrared Oven consistently report receiving top quality service.

There have been a few complaints with the Halo Infrared Oven, which can also be purchased in many department stores and electronics stores, but they are almost always minor and are things that can be resolved by contacting the company’s service line. 


Overall, customers seem to be more than satisfied.  In a world where buying infomercial products is a bit of an exercise in luck, the Halo Infrared Oven seems to be one of the best buys available.

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