Should You Clean Your Dog’s Teeth?

Whenever you are looking to do everything you can to ensure your dog’s health, it is time to put some consideration into brushing your dog’s teeth.  Your dog’s teeth can become dirty and scaled over time, just as ours can, and no crunchy treat in the world can remove tartar and other residue the way that a toothbrush can, despite the many ‘tartar control’ claims to the contrary you’ll find on dog treat packaging at your local pet store


If you are really looking to do your very best for your dog’s health, you need to brush your pup’s teeth a few times a week if not daily.

The first thing you should really know is that tartar and gum problems can translate into major issues for your dog’s health.  Left untreated, gum disease can cause heart problems as well as many other major health concerns.  By simply brushing regularly, you can improve your dog’s health in both the short and long term.

In order to brush your dog’s teeth and keep all your fingers, you first want to get them used to the process.  This means first using your finger or a baby gum brush to gently massage the dog’s teeth and gums every day until it becomes accepted practice.   


Talk to your dog in a happy, upbeat tone of voice as you massage their gums, and pet their head with your free hand so they think you’re making a fuss of them.  Never restrain them or yell at them if they fidget or pull away, or they will learn to dread these teeth-cleaning sessions. 

When this is no longer a stressful ordeal for your dog, it is time to start using a dog toothbrush.  There are many different models, including those that clean the front and back of the teeth at once.  With these brushes, you can ensure that your dog is able to get a very clean mouth.  Try giving a treat after each short session, and very soon your dog may be opening up on their own!  Introduce dog toothpaste if desired, which comes in beef and other dog friendly flavors.


It goes without saying that you should never use human mint toothpastes, as these are not suitable for pets and the unaccustomed mint taste can irritate your dog’s mouth and make them sick if they swallow it


With the right brushing and attention, you can actually do much for your dog’s health, and in the long term, your dog will thank you for your efforts.

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