Simple Drywall Repair Tips for the Novice

If you have a hole in your drywall, you’ll probably want to repair it as quickly as possible. While some people might be tempted to call a carpenter or contractor for the wall repair, that can be quite expensive. If you have the tools and the time, you will be able to complete the wall repair on your own.


The first step in wall repair is to remove any debris that might be inside the wall, such as dust, fluff, and broken bits of the wall. Next, take some fine sandpaper and rub around the hole to smooth the area.


The next step requires a steady hand. You need to use a utility knife or another sharp blade to turn the hole into a square. Use a ruler to make sure that you are cutting on a straight line. Remove the excess material and then measure the hole precisely.


Buy a new piece of drywall for the wall repair and cut a patch the same dimensions of the square hole that you cut. Attach the patch to the hole with drywall screws. Use sheet-rock tape to affix the patch securely to the area. Then apply some drywall compound. Once the compound is dry, you can sand the area so that it matches the rest of the wall. The final step is to paint the wall so you can no longer see the joins in the fixed patch.


As you can see, wall repair for drywall is quite simple. Even those without a lot of experience will be able to complete this repair job – and save some money in the process.

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