Snow Clearing Tips to Remove Snow From Your Driveway

The winter might be fun for many people, but if you have your own home, it means that you are going to have to remove that snow from your driveway at some point.  Aside from blocking your car in, hidden ice can lurk under the snow, which can cause all manor of nasty slips and spills to foot traffic and bicyclists alike.


Quite a few options are available, but depending on your health and your budget, some might suit you better than others do.


Shoveling Tips


If you are in good health and you want to get in some vigorous exercise, you might want to shovel the snow from your driveway on your own.  The only thing that you need is a shovel, a strong body, and the ability to know when to rest.  Take as many breaks as you need so you do not overexert yourself shoveling the snow.  Make sure that you dress warmly as well, and sip water regularly if you spend more than 20 minutes clearing off the show to stay hydrated. 


Try a Snow-Blower


For those who have a bit of money, it might be time to invest in a snow blower.  This can save you plenty of time and energy when it comes to removing snow from your driveway.  Those who don’t want to shovel can always hire someone to do it for them.

Add Salt and Sand


Whenever you’ve cleared the snow from your driveway and walkway, you will want to coat it with a sand and salt mixture.  You will be able to find this at your local hardware store, and you might want to have some on hand before the first snow of the season.  If you are able to remove all of the snow from the driveway, and there is no ice, you might not need the sand and salt, but it is still a good idea to have some in reserve, just in case.

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