Step by Step Instructions to Fix Your Leaky Faucet

If you have a leaky faucet, there’s no need to pay a costly plumber to take care of the problem.  A leaky faucet is an easy fix that should only take a few minutes to take care of.  Nine times out of ten, old washers cause the leaky faucet as over time the rubber seal dries out and is no longer flexible enough to hold back water. You’ll need to buy new washers to replace the old ones in order to fix the problem. 


The first thing you should do is turn off the water.  The water mains tap is most likely under the sink, and you should turn the handle clockwise to turn the water off.  The next step in taking care of a leaky faucet is plug up the sink.  This will prevent any screws or washers from going down the sink while you repair the leaky faucet. It’s happened to us all!


You’ll then want to take the faucet handles off by taking out the screw that holds the handles on.  Once the handles are off, it’s time to remove the old washers that are behind the handles.  This will allow you to put in the new washers you purchased in order to fix the leaky faucet.  The washer should slip right over the post from the handle. 


Once the new washers are in place, put the faucet handle back on and check to see that you’ve fixed the leaky faucet.  Turn your water back on by turning the control counter-clockwise and check your faucet to see that it is no longer leaking.  You have now successfully repaired the leaky faucet without spending a fortune on a plumber’s repair bill. Congratulations!

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