The Perfect D’cor for Your Open House

When you are looking to sell your home, the decor that you choose for your open house is important.  Potential buyers need to be able to walk in and instantly envision themselves living in the space. This means what you take out is just as important as what you add.

Pretend you are shopping for a new home. Walk into each room with a critical eye. Can you imagine living there? Will your furniture fit? Is it worth the asking price? Use your reactions to remove clutter, knick-knacks, and an overabundance of personal photos and other objects. Get rid of heavy, dark items that take up too much space in the room. Hide cords, patch and repaint if needed. Make each room look its best.

In addition to what you remove, strategically adding a few pieces of the right decor will boost your open house results.  Home staging is a crucial feature of your open house. When preparing your home for an open house, think about lighting that will make the home feel light and airy. Add a few small fresh plants and flowers in strategic locations to boost a cheery decor, and light a few unscented candles. Unscented is important so you don’t turn people away with a scent they don’t like. 

Tasteful artwork can also make your open house more successful.  Take down personal photos, and hang up just one or two central paintings that add to the light and cheerful decor.  This will create a sense of class and comfort that people will appreciate.

The last item is less about decor and more about psychology, but it can really have an amazing effect on your open house.  Just before the event is scheduled to begin, bake and set out a tray of cookies for prospective buyers.  The smell of fresh baked cookies will make everyone feel right at home, and give them a tasty treat they’ll appreciate.

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