The Top 5 Smartest Dogs in the World
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What better way to show off your dog than through a variety of tricks and obedience?  Your friends will be impressed when they see that your dog can sit, shake, play dead, and catch a Frisbee.  They’ll notice that your dog never goes to the bathroom in your house, never begs for food, and never runs off when not on a leash.


If you want your dog to do these things, no amount of dog training classes will train your dog everything you want if he or she is not smart to begin with.  It’s important to choose a breed that has the capability to learn complex tricks.  Here is a list of the top five smartest canines.

Smart Dog #5:
Doberman Pinscher

These dogs were bred in Germany to work alongside police and military units. Thus they have a strong spirit and unbreakable energy.  Their ferociousness can put them to use as a guard dog.  If trained from a puppy, they can be loveable and affectionate too.

Fun Fact: Although fierce guard dogs, these dogs were trained to be obedient. That means they are easy to train and restrained enough to only defend their owners upon command.

Smart Dog #4: Golden Retriever

A robust breed meant to help hunters fetch shot game, the Golden Retriever has a soft mouth so as not to damage game that has been hunted.  They are gentle creatures with amazing strength.  They can learn complex tricks and are socially skilled, which means they get along with everyone.

Fun Fact:
Don’t expect a Golden Retriever to protect you. This dog is so lovable and trusting that they will often approach strangers – even burglars – to play.  This dog is always eager to please everyone… not just you.

Smart Dog #3: German Shepherd

The epitome of strength to many, the German Shepherd is used in many occupations around the world.  As one of the greatest guard dogs, they were bred to be intelligent and strong.  With dog obedience training, German Shepherds are amazing family dogs, getting along with children and other pets.  However, they need to be active constantly or they can become depressed easily.


Fun Fact: This dog was bred in 1899 by a man named Max von Stephanitz a former captain of the Calvary.  He saw Hektor Linkshrein (the first German Shepherd) at a dog show, bought him immediately, and re-named him Horand von Grafath.  His idea was to make a perfect ‘working dog’, resilient and strong.  I think he succeeded.


Smart Dog #2: Poodle

Really? Yes, despite their frilly looks and light stature, these dogs are very smart.  They were bred to hunt and swim, helping hunters to retrieve game.  As such, they can learn an amazing assortment of tricks.  You can train a poodle in less than 5 repetitions.  It takes longer than 5 tries to make a teenager do something. Maybe you can get a replacement?

Smart Dog #1

1. Border Collie

These dogs are also built to work. Herding sheep is a mental and physical lifestyle, and they can do it (and enjoy it) 7 days a week.  Most owners claim Border Collies instinctively know what they are supposed to do.  They can learn very complex tricks in a short time and repeat them flawlessly.  They need to be constantly active, but if you have the time and energy to train them, you cannot get a more intelligent dog!

Fun Fact:
Born in 1893, a dog named Old Hemp is virtually the Grandfather of all Border Collies today.  Every Pure Bred version of this dog can be traced to him.  Old Hemp was bred by a man named Adam Telfer.

Another Cool Dog Fact: Compared to humans, dogs are as intelligent as a human 2 year old.  Some dogs have been known to understand over 200 commands by voice, and even more by hand signals.  So much for stopping at Sit, Shake, and Roll over.

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