Tips and Tricks to Help Prepare Your Dog to Stay at the Kennels

You’ve finally made arrangements to take that vacation that you’ve always wanted, but you still don’t know what you are going to do with your dog.  You don’t have anyone in the area that can babysit your pooch, so you are left with the option of boarding kennels


Before choosing a place to keep your dog, make sure that you look into the reputation of the kennel so you know that it is going to be a comfortable and safe place.


Update Fido’s Shots


Once you have your kennel chosen, you will need to prepare your dog for his or her stay.  First, you need to make sure that your dog’s shots are up to date, as the kennels are likely going to need proof of vaccination. 


Introduce Your Pet to the Kennel


If you have time before you trip, take your dog down to the kennel to visit with the staff.  Let your dog get to know each person and play with them for a bit.  The next time you bring your dog down to the kennel, it won’t be such a frightening experience.


Supply Staff With All Relevant Information


Make sure that you have all of the information about your dog available and give it to the staff when you take him in for the long stay.  This includes any medical or dietary information, and even any unique fears that your dog might have.  Some dogs, for example, can’t stand the sound of motorcycles. 


Make Sure Your Dog is Kept Busy

You should also make sure that you bring along some of your dogs favorite things, such as toys and blankets, as long as it is allowed by the kennels.  Also, visit your local pet store to leave your four-legged friend with a few new products that will keep them busy and distracted.


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