Top 10 Reasons Why Your Pet Should Be on a Raw Food Diet

If you are a pet owner, making sure your pet is happy and healthy is very important.  Most of us have unfortunately been led to believe that supermarket-bought dry or canned foods are healthy for our beloved pets.  We have people we trust such as friends, family and veterinarians telling us this is the way to go.  


The sad truth is that these processed, nutritionally-lacking foods are actually causing more harm than good to our ‘fur babies’ in the long run.  You can easily see first-hand if you have a pet that has allergies, intermittent diarrhea or constipation, skin rashes or gum disease.  These are only a few “side-effects” of a poor diet, and your pet won’t say no to food and go hungry, regardless of how bad it is for them.

Why Feed Raw Food?


Studies show the incredible benefits that a raw food diet brings to your pet’s overall health, and more and more veterinarians are recommending this diet due to the great results.  Raw food is the food pets were meant to digest, and the healthiest and most nutritious you can provide.  Transitioning your pet from dry food or canned food to raw diet is really very simple and your pet will absolutely devour it!  They will LOVE it!


Many believe that your pet will get sick if they eat raw meat or eggs.  This is not true, your pet’s digestive system is far more resilient than ours.  They will get sick only if they eat rotten food, regardless whether is cooked or raw.  As long as the meat is fresh and organic there is absolutely no reason why you need to worry or be scared of your pet getting sick.  Providing a fresh, raw, organic diet is the best thing you can do for them to achieve optimum health and they will thank you for it!

The Top 10 reasons Your Pet Should be on a Raw Food Diet:


1.      It is the diet that is biologically appropriate to cats and dogs.

2.      It is high protein quality and grain free food.

3.      No chemicals, fillers, low-grade protein or toxins are involved.

4.      Improvement will show in your pet’s coat, nails and any chronic conditions (constipation, diarrhea, skin rashes, etc).

5.      Your pet will have healthier gums and teeth, which can extend your pet’s life!

6.      It contains the right amount of moisture needed for proper digestion.

7.      It is much better overall nutrition content.

8.      It will improve digestion.

9.     Your pet will show mood improvement due to taste satisfaction and better nutrition.

10.    Raw food is cheaper than manufactured food!


So, hopefully this list is what you need to either start researching or switching your pet to a raw food diet.  Make sure that you incorporate raw food gradually and give your pet time for their digestive systems to adjust until they are entirely on raw food.

How to Make Raw Food Meals For Your Pet


Creating raw food for your pet is easy and fun!  It is something you can do as a family.  What is so awesome about a raw food diet is that you control exactly what goes into your pet’s food, so you know that they are being fed high quality, natural, and even organic ingredients.  It is best to switch the type of protein they consume once a week to prevent boredom and reduction in appetite. 


So you can feed them raw organic ground lean beef one week and then organic chicken liver the next, and then organic ground turkey and so on.  In order to give them a balanced meal, include vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, sweet potatoes (these can be cooked for texture/ binding), broccoli, spinach, etc.  You also want to incorporate cooked fruits such as apples or pears.  Make sure these are cooked, and never give them hard raw veg such as uncooked carrots, which can create a choking hazard (many dogs like to swallow their food whole).


Another ingredient you should include is raw eggs as well as raw milk or raw cheese to give your pet the necessary protein they need.  All you do is put the veggies and fruits in a blender and then mix everything with the raw meat, milk, eggs, cheese and any probiotics, digestive enzymes or supplements you want to give your pet.  Then you create these awesome patties you can freeze and then defrost anytime!  This is convenient because you have food ready to go and you can cook in advance and not have to worry about it on a daily basis.  Give it a go, and see the improvement in your pet!

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