Top Tips to Control Your Pet Allergies at Home

If you have pet allergies, but you love your cat or dog, you aren’t going to give up the animal just because of a few sniffles.  However, some allergies are not easy to live with and must be controlled so you can live comfortably.  So where do you begin?

Many people believe that it is the pet’s fur that causes sneezing and allergy attacks, but it is actually the animal’s dander that is the cause of the problem.  If you suffer from allergies, make sure that you keep your house clean and free of dust at all times.  Wear a mask when you clean to protect yourself from allergens.  Hardwood floors are easier to keep free of dander than carpets are, so you might want to add some new flooring.

To limit the number of allergens your pet sheds each day, brush and bathe the pet regularly, and do it outside so the dander isn’t released into the house.  Adding an air filter to your home to clean the air is also a good idea.  Keep your animals out of rooms where you spend the most amount of time, such as your bedroom, and, certainly, don’t let them sleep on the beds or couches.  Give your pet their own cushion to sleep on so they can still feel cozy.

Try out the above tips to keep your house allergen free, or at least reduce allergens to a bearable level.  If you find that you still have bad pet allergies after completing the above steps and maintaining these conditions for a month or two, you can always talk with your doctor about taking a prescription medication that can block symptoms and help you feel better.

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