Wedding Shower Themes to Make the Bride to Be Feel Special

If you’re in charge of the wedding shower, you’ll want to come up with a unique theme so you can show the bride to be how much you care about her.  By avoiding traditional themes, you can make her wedding shower a fun day to remember forever. 


Since flowers are such a big part of the big day, a floral shower theme might be fun. Since you want to take her wedding shower to the next level with a fresh approach, you could hang floral garlands from the florist around the house to create a special look for any room.  Make your living room feel like an indoor garden and make her feel truly special. Summer wedding showers can be fun with multicolor decor and the scent of real live flowers filling the room.

If the bride to be is an animal lover, you could decorate the wedding shower with animal print decor.  Zebras, leopards, and other animal prints can be wonderful accent pieces for a truly unique shower. Have the guest come dressed as animals, and buy animal plates and napkins from the party supply store.  You want to try and keep the look subtle, but this can be a fun way to create a unique shower.

Another great way to show her how special she is when you throw the wedding shower is by using her favorite hobby as the theme.  If she loves to paint, you could use paint brushes and easels as decor; if she loves to play tennis, have a tennis theme.  A wedding shower is a special time and you’ll want to make her feel special with the right theme.

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