What are the Harmful Chemicals in Household Products?

Traditional household products are full of harmful chemicals. By now, you’ve likely seen the new green products in supermarkets. The problem, though, is that some of these new household products simply contain different harmful chemicals like the old ones. Learning to recognize the harmful chemicals in household products is key in choosing the safest products for your home.

Ammonia is often used in household products, and it can be terrible for your health. This chemical causes lung damage when inhaled, and it can also damage the eyes and skin. Chlorine is another common chemical in household products. It’s used to break up dirt and disinfect surfaces, yet it’s very harmful. It’s a known carcinogen, and can be lethal if ingested.

Interestingly enough, dish-washing detergents are some of the most harmful household products out there. The same products that you use to clean your dishes are the number one cause of poisoning in the household. 

Phenol is a product often used in air fresheners and scented household products. This chemical can cause major skin damage in large doses, but it’s even harmful in smaller quantities, too. Formaldehyde is often used in scented products, as well. It’s also a known carcinogen, and you would do well to totally avoid it in the household products you use.

Many chemicals in household products aren’t tested at all. It’s best if you avoid them by using all natural green cleaning products whenever possible.

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