What is the Best Medical Treatment for Cats with Fleas?

Keeping your cat healthy and free of pests is an important part of being a pet owner.  While there are many pests that can afflict your cat, fleas are probably the most common.  What is the best medicine for treating a cat with fleas?


There are two main cat flea medications on the market today – Frontline and Advantage.  Both are applied similarly, as well.  You simply put a drop on your cat’s skin, right between the shoulders.  They also last for a similar amount of time.


Treating your cat with Frontline will cost a little bit more than using Advantage to control fleas.  However, Frontline does contain an extra ingredient designed to kill ticks that you will not find in Advantage.  Therefore, if ticks are a problem for your cat, spending a bit extra to buy Frontline might be a good idea.


However, you should know that Advantage works more quickly than Frontline, and can have your cat free of fleas within twelve hours.  It takes Frontline about eighteen hours to achieve the same results.  Both products do stop fleas from biting your cat in about three minutes, so the itch relief from both products is very fast.


You might be able to find medicine for your cat on sale through your vet or through a pet supply store.  In this case, going with the cheaper product might be the best decision for your wallet.


Finding the best flea treatment for your cat will largely hinge on whether or not ticks are a problem and how much you are willing to spend on medicine.

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