Where to Shop for Great Summer Decorations

Decorating your home for summer involves lightening up the atmosphere to reflect the vibrancy of the season. Summer decorations should also emphasize an easy transition from indoors to outdoors, as outside living areas like patios, decks and yards truly become extensions of the home.

You can purchase festive summer decorations that include lights to brighten up outdoor areas on warm summer nights spent outside. Strings of beach or tropical-themed lights placed around your porch or patio can provide enough light to make breezing in and out of doors feel relaxed and natural.

Try to base your summer decorations buys around two basic themes: Americana style items for Memorial Day through Fourth of July, then a beach, tropical or flowery theme for the rest of the season. Be as creative as you like within these two general themes.

Coordinate summer decorations such as outdoor flags and lighting in one primary theme. Coordinate the colors in your themed pattern (such as pineapples) with matching solid colored summer decorations such as dinnerware, serving pitchers, cups and napkins.

You can grow or purchase flowers that will match and complement the colors of your other summer decorations. Red and white petunias are wonderful summer decorations for the early part of the season. Swap them with other flowers that compliment the design you use for the second half of the season, such as yellow pansies and brown-eyed Susans to match a pineapple theme.

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