Why Goop Is The #1 Hand Cleaner

Let’s face it.  Life is filled with messes.  Whether it is an oil spill in the garage, crayon writing on the wall, or just a mess in the kitchen, we are constantly making a mad dash for the cleaning supplies.  Sometimes, it can feel as though just when we put those cleaning supplies away, another mess is occurring.  Goop multipurpose hand cleaner may be one of the most versatile cleaning supplies on the market today.

So, what makes Goop more than just your run-of-the-mill hand cleaner?  For starters, it can replace about half of the cleaning supplies in the average cabinet.  Sound too good to be true?  Perhaps, but it really works.  Better still, Goop is one of a very short list of cleaning supplies that does not require water.  You can simply put it on your hands (or the mess), rub it on, and wipe the mess away.  How is that for convenient?

Goop really is remarkable.  As a hand cleaner, it can remove grease, ink, tar, and more with only a little bit of rubbing.  It also acts in place of laundry stain remover, grease remover, and many other cleaning supplies.  Goop is one of the preferred cleaning supplies by many moms simply because of the number of things it can do.  If you are looking for a single product to replace a large percentage of your cleaning supplies, Goop may be the perfect choice for you.

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