Why You Should Donate Your Used Car To Charity

Do you have a car that still runs, but that you never use?  If so then consider donating your used car to your favorite local charity.  If it starts and is in decent running condition, there are many charities that would greatly appreciate your car or truck donation.

The Haiti Relief Project is an ongoing mission that helps Haitian people affected by the earthquake.  There are a variety of local dealerships that work with Haiti relief projects.  You also have the option to donate directly to the Haitian Orphans Wish (HOW), which has partnered with Cars 4 Causes, the main U.S. vehicle donation charity.  Funds raised by the sale of the vehicle go directly toward the orphans of Haiti.

The Red Cross is another respected organization that volunteers worldwide for special projects including helping nations suffering from earthquakes, fires, floods and famine.  They also encourage people to donate vehicles.  To contact the Red Cross, call them or visit a local “chapter.”  The Red Cross and its local offices provide an online form listing your vehicle’s info and pricing.  From there, a representative will show up to collect it.  The Red Cross even allows you to donate vehicles that aren’t running, which are sold for parts or scrap, so raising money for charity.  This option may even save you money, as often the costs associated with getting your vehicle scrapped can cost you more than the car itself is worth.


You can also donate a car to a breast cancer charity, such as the Breast Cancer Survivors Organization.  They spend about 92% of all donations on patient care.  They also pick up the car at your convenience.

Most of these charities encourage you to donate a vehicle, running or not.  Remember also that you get a nice tax deduction every time you donate.  Remember to ask for a receipt which lists the money your vehicle raised, and list it as a Charity Deduction when you come to fill in your tax return.  So you get still more money back from your kind gesture.

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