A Brief Guide to Understanding Vehicle GPS Systems

Choosing a vehicle GPS system, also known as a fleet tracking solution is not a complicated task at all. There are certain key aspects that you should focus on while selecting a GPS vehicle tracking system for purposes of your business. Here are a few pointers you should consider:

  • What kind of vehicle or driver related details do you need to track?
  • What is the number of vehicles that you want to track? Is it only a couple of vehicles, quite a few, or is it an entire enterprise sized fleet?
  • What is your budget for investing in a vehicle GPS tracking system? How much can you spend on the monthly payments and the upfront expenses?

What are vehicle GPS systems?

You can think of a vehicle GPS system as a fleet tracking solution which is your digital ride-along tool. You need not worry about appointing a person to be physically present inside the vehicle and track your business vehicles or drivers while they are in transit. A GPS vehicle tracking system makes this job easier by enabling you to keep track of the vehicles from anywhere you are located. Using vehicle GPS systems, businesses can make sure that the vehicles are optimally and properly operating. Vehicle GPS tracking systems also help you ensure that your drivers are acting safely and responsibly.

How does a GPS fleet tracking system work?

GPS fleet tracking solutions work in collaboration with pieces of vehicle GPS system hardware that are installed in the concerned vehicles. The software programs use systems of global positioning, which is the full form of GPS, through satellites for tracking the drivers and the vehicles in absolute real time.

Using vehicle GPS systems, businesses can have access to absolute real-time alerts and updates using the data which is sent from the concerned vehicle directly to the operator of the software.

Key features of a GPS vehicle tracking system

Like the general GPS software programs, vehicle GPS tracking systems can effectively locate the concerned vehicles. These fleet tracking systems can also chalk out routes and provide directions to the assigned destinations.

Moreover, vehicle GPS systems take the features to a level ahead by monitoring the conditions of the vehicles as well. This feature includes aspects, such as tracking the consumption of fuel, recording the mileage, and notifying of equipment and maintenance related issues. Thus, GPS vehicle tracking systems help you lower your business operating costs.

Most of these GPS fleet tracking solutions also come with certain useful dispatching tools as well as scheduling capabilities which help in improving the workflow. These features significantly boost the satisfaction of customers. Vehicle GPS systems also provide more accurate estimated time of arrival, thus helping you ensure that the driver arrives on time.

Accountability and safety

Vehicle GPS systems are a popular choice for businesses because they help ensure accountability and safety. In addition to tracking the concerned vehicle, these fleet tracking solutions log everything, ranging from aggressive acts and driving patterns to speed. It notifies of details like hard braking and fast turns as well.

These GPS vehicle tracking systems foster accountability of the drivers by recording idle durations. They alert you regarding a particular occurring as well, such as, when the driver speeds to much or goes off the route. Other useful features of GPS fleet tracking systems include tracking accidents, roadside assistance, time clocks, antitheft services, and tracking attendance.

Choosing a vehicle GPS tracking system

To choose the vehicle GPS system which is right for your business, you should first make sure that the software program has the features which your business needs.

Most of the GPS vehicle tracking systems offer a plethora of standard features, for which you need not bear any added costs. The standard features must comprise of:

  • Dashboards which have certain trending on key metrics
  • Options for communication and navigation
  • Ongoing and effective customer support
  • Fuel card integration features

You should also look for certain other key aspects, such as alert systems, ease of use, good signal, mobile access, a help feature, and third-party integration. While it is important that the system suits your budget, you should not choose a GPS solution solely based on its price.

Contract duration

While choosing a GPS vehicle tracking system, you should consider the long-term and short-term plans and goals of your business. Some of the vehicle GPS tracking solutions require you to enter into long-term contracts with the concerned companies. You might want to avoid such GPS tracking solutions if you are not sure whether you are going to continue availing the services for a long period. Most vehicle GPS systems require you to enter into short-term contracts. You should consider these tracking solutions, to keep room for switching to other GPS systems suited to your business needs.

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