AbDoer Twist: a Good Way to Exercise Your Abdominals and Lose Weight?

The AbDoer Twist is one of the newest products on the home exercise machine market.  Marketed as a way to lose weight and to tone the abdominal muscles, the AbDoer Twist, in reality, may be best for those who are more focused on increasing their muscle tone than those who need significant weight loss. 


The AbDoer Twist does promise an aerobic workout, but that depends on the length of time that you choose to use it and the intensity of your workout.


The AbDoer Twist does offer a way for those who have discomfort working out on the floor and doing traditional crunches to exercise their abdominal muscles.  The device allows you to sit upright and is designed in a way that discourages you from overextending yourself while you’re working out.  The AbDoer Twist is also light to carry and easy to store when your workout is done.


The AbDoer Twist is getting high marks for providing a good way to work out the abdominal muscles, but the weight-loss benefits are arguable.  The AbDoer Twist can provide an aerobic workout, which is imperative to losing weight, but may not offer enough movement in that regard to help you lose a significant amount of weight. 


However, it does provide a handy way to tone your muscles without having to get down on the carpet at the gym and do crunches.  As is the case with any exercise machine, what you get out of the AbDoer Twist will depend upon what you put into it.

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