Are Oil or Fan Space Heaters Safer?

When looking for a heater for your room or space, there are many options available to you.  Two of the most common types of heaters are fan and oil space heaters.  Each of these certainly offers benefits, but when safety is a concern, you need to know which is best.  

Fan heaters typically run on electricity.  They are effective at cleaning a room and are often quiet.  There are certainly potential problems, however.  For people living in homes with older wiring, for example, these heaters can easily blow fuses or create too much heat within your electrical system, causing a fire hazard.  They do offer the benefit of heating large spaces, however.

Oil heaters are typically designed for much smaller spaces.  Newer models are incredibly safe for use.  These heating devices don’t use much electricity and are incredibly energy efficient.  They also don’t blow fuses or cause problems in homes with older wiring, which can certainly be seen as a huge benefit.

When dealing with modern heaters, both types are generally safe.  The real issue lies in the age and condition of the wiring in your home.  An oil heater is certainly the safest option, but when you want a heater that can warm a large space and is easy to move from one place to the next, a fan heater might be a better option for you.  Taking the time to consider your space and needs is the best way to choose.

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