Are Open or Closed Toed Heels a Better Winter Fashion Statement?

Winter fashion is considerably different from spring and summer choices in many ways, especially in the northern parts of the country where weather is far more drastic.  When looking for the perfect footwear for your holiday party or a winter ball, you may find yourself wondering if those heels you have been dying to wear are a great winter fashion statement or an expensive fashion disaster that may even endanger your health.  Let’s look at what options are right for your feet this winter.

Open-toed heels look great and can be very tempting during winter, but unless you live on the tip of Florida, you might want to reconsider.  Even for an indoor event, you may well find that the walk to your car leaves your feet so cold that they are actually in pain for the remainder of the evening.  Getting wet feet is no fun either, especially if you step in a puddle or your heels sink into the mud, leaving you with muddy toenails (eek!) and a ruined pedicure.  Finding a great pair of closed-toed heels may well be your best bet for winter fashion.

For people living in the colder regions of the north, wearing closed-toed heels is even more important, and heeled boots may well be the best bet for the ultimate in winter fashion.  During the winter, it is possible for temperatures to get low enough for frostbite to develop within only a minute or two on the extremities, particularly if you are standing around for longer than an hour at an open-air party or standing in line for a popular club. 


Rubber-soled boots also offer more traction.  High-heels usually have plastic soles, and if you’ve ever tried to walk on an icy sidewalk or hill in high-heels then you’ll know this is a great recipe for a broken ankle. While winter fashion is about looking good, it should never be at the cost of your safety.  There are plenty of great closed-toed heels with rubber soles that still offer excellent winter fashion.

When you want to be at the peak of winter fashion but want to keep your feet safe and warm, classy closed-toed heels or boots are certainly the right choice for any occasion.

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