Are There More Twilight Books in Our Future?

Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight books are a worldwide phenomenon that has impacted several ages and both genders.  Books with such a massive appeal are rarely ever seen, and many wonder if the Twilight saga may be continued in an effort to capitalize on the popularity.  The author herself has made no secret that she began writing another Twilight novel from the perspective of the vampire hero, Edward Cullen.  The Midnight Sun project was shelved when the manuscript was leaked over the Internet.

Though the Twilight books still incite screaming and swooning, the general trend is that the books are being replaced by current bestsellers.  The Twilight craze will likely linger for a bit longer, but even die-hard fans are seeking out new books to read.  The vampire legend is being stretched and twisted, and readers enjoy the new mythology that was made possible by the acceptance of the Twilight books.  If new Twilight books were released, such as the recent novella called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, there is no doubt that they would sell very well.  Many readers are still hopeful that Midnight Sun will someday see the bookshelves, as well.

The fad is slowly slipping away, though, and new obsessions are taking its place.  You may see more Twilight books in the future, but there is little doubt that the pinnacle has passed.   Stephenie Meyer has even made it clear that she does not plan to add any more books to the Twilight saga.  The Twilight fans better start seeking out new books to fall in love with, because it looks like the Twilight is fading.

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