Can Wearing a Scarf Benefit Your Health This Winter?

While there are many practical reasons to buy winter scarves, there is a possibility that you may think twice before parting with your money to buy one.  As a seasonal purchase, you may be tempted to buy a cheap scarf or forgo one altogether, but those two or three months of chilly temperatures can wreak havoc on your health, and the right scarf can be the deciding factor in whether or not you get sick this winter.


Of course, you already know that scarves keep you warm when the temperatures plummet. But what about days when it’s not bitterly cold? You can invest in a lighter scarf for those days and still offer your skin some protection. As around 70% of your total body heat escapes through your head and upper body, your neck becomes like a miniature radiator, letting all your precious body heat escape through the thin skin of your throat.  If you have long hair or wear a high collar you may be able to retain some of your upper-body heat, but if you have short hair and walk out in the cold without a scarf, you’ll seen feel that icy draft creeping down the back of your neck – and wish you had a scarf.


Consider, too, a cold rubber band.  These snap quickly if stretched without warming them up.  A scarf can save you from sore throats and vocal strain in winter months by keeping vocal cords and other necessary muscles warm.  If you have never before worn a scarf, then you might not realize the difference that they can make to your voice.   Something to think about if your job relies on your voice for company meetings, client phone calls or or telemarketing. 


You can also consider the fashion aspect of scarves.  Sometimes a brightly colored scarf is all you need to add a little more color and originality to your wardrobe.  You can purchase scarves in a variety of materials, but winter scarves are best in fleece or wool.  Choose a cotton scarf if you find wool too itchy – many people with sensitive skin do.  A great cashmere scarf can add just a touch more sophistication to your look while still protecting you from nasty weather.  These are all things to think about next time you’re passing the scarf section at your favorite shop.

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