Can You Find Authentic Designer Clothing Online?

Do you just love great designer clothing?  Will you take one pair of Prada shoes over fifteen pairs from Payless any day?  If this describes you, then you have likely wondered if it is safe to buy designer clothes online.  When you go to your favorite clothing boutiques, you know that the items you are getting are genuine.  Do you get the same guarantee on designer clothes online?

The answer to this is a bit murky, because it depends on where you shop.  Many people look for designer clothes on eBay, for example, and whether or not the items you buy are authentic can be very hard to tell from the supplied pictures.  You don’t really know for certain unless you are choosing a seller with thousands of positive feedback ratings or who can prove where their merchandise came from.  It may be counterfeit, or he may have gotten a great deal on last season’s designer items.  The problem is you don’t know until it arrives in your mailbox… then face the grueling task of trying to get the seller to refund your money.

Of course, not all regular clothing websites are legitimate either.  While there are plenty of great designer clothing websites, including sites for boutiques and for the companies themselves, there are also many “discount designer clothing” websites that offer fake merchandise at prices too good to be true. 


Unfortunately, the simple fact is that price is going to provide a significant indicator.  If designer items are offered at significantly far less than you would pay the manufacturer, the chances are that the goods are not authentic.  By choosing the right sites, however, you can certainly buy real designer clothing items online with confidence.

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