Choosing the Best Winter Ski Clothing for Women

When you love to ski, you can easily spend an entire day on the slopes before you even know how much time has gone by.  In order to prevent frostbite, however, it is absolutely essential that you wear the right ski clothing.  A day on the slopes in jeans and a winter jacket is a great recipe for painful frozen toes.  Here are some tips for women seeking the perfect ski clothing.

One ski clothing item that is essential is ski underwear.  These should certainly be made of synthetic fabric such as silk, as it will help wick moisture away from your body to prevent chaffing.  Avoid materials such as cotton, which can actually leave you both wet and cold if you take a tumble in the snow.  Choose ski pants made specifically for women, as well, which are designed for a lower center of gravity as well as slightly wider hips.

When it comes to the body, a fleece inner layer may prove more comfortable than a sweater.  Synthetic fleece is the best choice.  Jackets should be somewhat long in order to keep you protected when sitting on a cold, wet ski lift.  If you’re 100 feet up in the air then that’s the last place you want to feel a freezing cold draft going up your back!  A breathable, waterproof material that is resistant to wind is a great option.  Waterproof gloves are also a great choice for ski clothing.

The ski clothing you choose is absolutely essential, and you will find that going with well known brands is the best bet.  It may cost more in the short term, but you will have a better idea of the quality and durability of the items you buy.  Consider accessories such as goggles when buying ski clothing as well, as they can make your day on the slopes much more comfortable, as well as preventing eye damage from the glare and the sun.

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