Choosing the Right iPod as a Christmas Gift

If you are looking to buy an extra-special Christmas gift this year, the iPod is certainly an excellent choice.  These personal digital music players are great for everyone, but finding the right one for that special person in your life can be a tough choice if you don’t know much about iPods.  Here are a few tips to help you choose.

When looking for a great iPod for someone who does a lot of household chores or goes on long bike or car rides, the iPod Shuffle can be a great choice.  The capacity starts at only a couple of GB and moves upward, and they are easy to load and use.  The iPod Shuffle chooses songs at random, and can easily be filled with favorite music and clipped to a belt for easy use while going about your day.  If you’re scrubbing sinks, driving, or doing outdoor sports, you certainly won’t want to be constantly fiddling with your iPod to change songs, so the iPod Shuffle will do all the work for you by constantly rotating your favorite songs so you get a fresh playlist each time.  The iPod shuffle is great for long car-rides, too.

For tech-savvy teens, the iPod Classic is a great choice.  This iPod plays music and videos and ranges from 80 to 160 GB – which you’ll find they may need if they have a large music and movie collection, as most teens do.  The device is also great for viewing digital photos and music videos, and can store hundreds of playlists.

For adults, the iPod Touch is great.  Offering the ability to play games, music, and videos, the capacity goes up to 64 GB, and the devices are highly capable of doing pretty much everything you want them too, from watching a movie in full color on the plane, to organizing your work and social life with its built in hour-by-hour calender.  They even offer Internet access for keeping up with social networking sites – not that you’re addicted to Facebook or Twitter, right?

Overall, if you have the cash to spend, the iPod is an excellent Christmas gift idea for almost anyone.  By understanding your recipient’s media habits and needs, you can determine if games, movies, or music will be the primary function of the device so that you can choose the best one for their life and your budget.

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