Choosing the Right Jeans to Fit Your Body Shape

Women come in all shapes and sizes, and this is something that we should be proud of.  Women should never strive to fit into a cookie cutter mold, and finding the right clothing for your body can help accentuate the parts of the figure you’re proud of, and minimize those you’d rather not draw attention to.  Finding the perfect jeans for your body shape is an art form in itself, so let’s look at some tips on how to pick the perfect pair.

For tall women, boot cut jeans can be very flattering.  These have a lower waist to emphasize your hips and a very slight flare at the bottom, so they make your legs look shapely rather than giving you that not-so-attractive ‘beanpole’ look that wearing straight-leg jeans can bring.  Skinny jeans also look great on taller women, and they are all the rage in the fashion world right now. Wearing tall boots with skinny jeans also helps to section off your legs, so they don’t look disproportionately long.

Petite women will find that straight-leg jeans and skinny jeans can both help them look taller, and the hemline should reach the heel for added leg-length.  Avoid Capri pants or cuffed jeans, both of which can reduce the apparent look of your inseam and actually make you appear shorter. Anything with patterns is a big no-no.

Flare leg jeans can offer proportion to women with larger hips and thighs.  Get jeans with embroidery or patterns on the bottoms to draw attention away from your hips. Baggy jeans should be avoided, however, as they make the body look disproportionate and unfeminine.


To downsize the appearance of a large derrière, consider jeans with medium sized and centered pockets.  To make a smaller backside look larger, consider pants with high pockets set wide apart, and more embellishment on the pockets – which draw attention to your rump.

The biggest piece of advice in today’s fashion world is that low rise and skinny jeans are all the rage, but keep in mind that if you feel a draft on your backside when you bend over, a) you have chosen the wrong pants, and b) the man standing behind you at the ATM now has the perfect view of your thong.  With the right shape and the right coverage, you can easily find the right pants for your body-shape – and you will love them.


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