Cleaning Products: What is the Best Car Wax?

If you are looking to use car wax on your vehicle, knowing which cleaning products are best is essential.  Should you use commercial products from your local auto store or a natural wax?  Today, we will examine which cleaning products really make the best car wax.


A great idea when waxing your car is to avoid commercial cleaning products and consider making your own.  You’ll instantly save money.  All you need is a cup of linseed oil, four tablespoons of carnauba wax, 2 tablespoons of beeswax, and a half cup of vinegar.  Heat the mixture on low until the wax melts and everything is stirred together.  Allow this mixture to harden a bit and you are ready to wax your car to a remarkable new shine.


Of course, Turtle Wax is also a popular choice.  This remarkable commercial cleaner is among the top cleaning products for vehicles, and with good reason.  It is easy to use and produces a very good looking result.  There are even many kits offered by the company now that include all of the tools you need to produce great results with minimal effort.


Which method you choose is entirely up to you.  There is certainly much to say about Turtle Wax, but it is far less costly to make your own car wax.  Car cleaning products are often very expensive, and they contain chemicals that could be hazardous to the skin if absorbed by your pores. 


Whenever you want a great car wax without these risks, consider going all-natural, but if you are looking to go the easy route, Turtle Wax is certainly a great choice.

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