Creative Gift Ideas for the Special Woman in Your Life

In order to buy women a gift that is perfect for her while showing your creativity, you must keep in mind her personality.  You certainly don’t want to buy expensive jewelry for a woman who loves rock-climbing, and you don’t want to give a gift of athletic gear to a woman whose idea of heaven is curling up in front of the fire with a good book. 

If your girlfriend or loved one enjoys jewelry, take a moment seek out handmade pieces that can’t be found anywhere else.  You can often find a gift that will make her smile without breaking the bank, and you can be sure that your gift is entirely unique.  Look for boutiques or market stalls to buy unique jewelry, and avoid the mall.


The same idea can be applied to that sentimental lady.  Seek out a handmade picture frame, or make one yourself, before adding a treasured photo.  The gift will be a hit, you can be sure, and will only cost you pennies to make.

Even if your friend or loved one is watching her calories, you can bet that there is no better gift than baked goods that you made yourself.  Knowing that you put so much time and effort into the gift will really touch her, but then it’s also delicious, too.  You can keep in mind her diet and use special low-fat ingredients if necessary.  To top that gift off, consider adding her favorite bottle of wine or a bag of delicious hand-ground or flavored coffee. 

If you have known the recipient for quite some time, you must consider the power of a nostalgic gift.  Put together a DVD slideshow of your favorite moments together or burn a CD of songs that you have enjoyed over the years.  You can be sure that this gift will take pride of place at the top, over all of the other gifts she receives.

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