Fashion Tips: Don’t Overdo Your Accessories

Wearing apparel accessories is a lot like decorating a Christmas tree: a little bit of tinsel and shiny stuff is nice, but too much is an eyesore and it takes away from the natural beauty of the tree. So how do you know if you’re overdoing it with your apparel accessories? Here are a few tips.

Get Some Feedback
Don’t ask someone if you’re overdoing it with the accessories, which will pad their answer too much. Just ask them for some feedback and see what they say; most likely they’ll confirm your suspicions about what is too much.

Think Useful, then Fashionable
It’s okay to have a few accessories (maybe one or two) that are strictly serving an aesthetic purpose, but no more than that. Before you add a piece of apparel, ask yourself if you’ll be using it and keep the “just for looks” items to one or two maximum.

Choose Accessories that Compliment Your Image
Are your apparel accessories complimenting your image or creating it? If you have accessories that are drawing more attention than you are, you don’t need them. For best results, choose accessories that compliment your best physical features.

Have Options for Your Accessories
Rather than only having a few apparel accessories, have a few different options. The best accessories compliment your personality AND the outfit that you’re wearing. Start by selecting your favorite outfits and finding accessories to match them.

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