Finding the Best Dog for Your Children

When you have small children who are obsessed with getting a ‘family dog,’ it can be very hard to say no.  Even if you have space for a dog, the thought of adopting a pet can be intimidating.  You don’t want a dog that is capable of hurting your children, but at the same time, remember that small kids are one of the leading causes of injury to small dogs.  This means that you must choose your breed of dog carefully, as much for the dog’s sake as your child’s.


With the safety of your future pet in mind, it’s actually best to stay away from small dogs and go for a medium-sized breed.  Little ones don’t always know how to play properly with tiny dogs, and what is intended as innocent fun can be dangerous for the pet, whose bones are much tinier and more easily broken than your child’s. 


So what is the happy medium?  What type of dog will work out best for your household?

Believe it or not, one of the best dog breeds for households with children is the Retriever.  The Golden and Labrador retrievers are exceptionally great with kids.  They have a laid back temperament and are typically very gentle.  When properly raised, these dogs will develop a bond with your children that is beyond compare.  Not only will they provide your children with undying love and affection, but you will find that your dog is willing to put up with almost anything your kids can dish out – chasing, hair-pulling, the works.

Retrievers are best when adopted as puppies.  This allows them to grow up around your children and to see them as friends while still learning that they are pack masters in the household.  The dog should be trained not to jump or nip at an early age to prevent accidents.  Retrievers are easy to train, and you will find that the effort is quite worthwhile.  With a little bit of work and a lot of love, a retriever can absolutely be the best dog for your children.

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