Finding the Right Musical Instrument for Your Music Loving Child

If your children love music, teaching them to play can be a very rewarding experience.  Studies show that there are many benefits to learning how to play a musical instrument, and kids certainly love to learn new things.  If you are considering introducing music to your child, knowing what musical instrument is the best fit can be very helpful.

One thing to consider is your child’s age and size.  If your child is younger than about age seven, they will not yet have a set of adult teeth, which will make woodwind and brass instruments very hard.  Likewise, bringing a giant tuba or viola to your very small child will certainly not bode well.  The drums and stringed musical instrument choices, on the other hand, can be learned early and can actually offer great benefit to your little one by training their ears.

Another thing to consider is your budget.  A new musical instrument can set you back anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, and even used instruments are pretty pricey.  Do a little shopping before offering your child options.  Consider space as well, as a drum set or tuba that takes up a great deal of space isn’t practical for small quarters, and a very loud musical instrument might not work well in an apartment complex.

Figuring out which musical instrument is right for your child can be a tough job, but it can be done.  Consider your child’s tastes and needs as well as your own needs and you will find that you are much better equipped to find the option that will please everyone.

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