Get Your Child Acting in Commercials

When it comes to children, talents and interests can span the horizon.  While some children love baseball or princesses, some kids just seem to love to make people smile and laugh.  If your child has been bitten by the acting bug, you may find yourself wondering how to get them started in their acting career.  The best answer is to get them into commercials.  Here are some tips on getting your child started in commercials.

The best bet is to start local.  Ask local businesses in your town if your child might be able to be part of their commercials.  Every business from restaurants to automotive shops wants to project a family friendly image, and your youngster’s smiling face might just be perfect for their locally-produced commercials.

Another question many parents have is whether or not an agent is needed.  If you are signing contracts where there is any kind of money involved, or if you’re being filmed by a proper branded company that will be playing the advert repeatedly on national TV, then perhaps an agent would be advisable, but most locally-shot commercials offer a single paycheck or cash for a single day of shooting.  There is no need to pay anyone for this, and representation is not needed.  As long as you come to an agreement about pay and what your child will be required to do, you should be fine. 

Commercials are low pressure ways to see if acting is right for your little one, and they can be the perfect start for your child’s budding career in the world of acting.

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