Giving the Gift of Tech for the Geek in Your Life

Is there someone on your birthday or holiday shopping list that is just too geeky to enjoy anything even vaguely ‘normal’ that you might want to purchase them?  Are iTunes gift cards or World of Warcraft game time cards too impersonal, but you find that you don’t know what else to buy?  Consider these gifts for the geeks in your life.

Lightsaber chopsticks can be a great gift for the geek who loves sushi.  The chopsticks are fully functional as eating utensils, and they light up to provide extra amusement for the techie in your life. 

Another handy kitchen gadget is the Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter.  Great for a quick meal while gaming, the pizza cutter looks exactly like the famed ship and makes a wonderful and functional gift for the die-hard Star-Wars nut.

If your geeky friend loves the web, Wi-Fi detector tee shirts make great gifts.  These t-shirts not only look great, but they help your friends know immediately when they are near a Wi-Fi network and even how strong the signal is.  Plus –  these gifts just look cool.

Of course, there are always great science gifts as well.  From a periodic table shower curtain to a tee shirt that offers an image of the hadron collider, there are definitely perfect gifts for any geek.

One website that everyone should consider is ThinkGeek.  Here, you can find gifts for all of the geeks in your life.  Another paper-based alternative is to order the Innovations catalog. Whether you want one of the items discussed here, a robot that can be controlled via your laptop, or other great geek gifts, there is something to amuse and amaze almost anyone when you step into the world of tech gifts.

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