Great Gifts for Food Lovers

Is there a foodie on your holiday shopping list this year?  A ‘foodie’ is more than someone who loves eating – they are someone who adores and actively seeks out the best that a particular type of food has to offer.  Some foodies travel the world searching for the best Mediterranean restaurant; another might be unable to pass by a delicatessen without venturing in to check out the cold cuts selection.  A foodie shudders at the thought of ‘making do’ with plain cheddar cheese – they must have triple-cream Brie imported from France, correctly aged to just the right level of firmness with just a hint of walnut in the rind.  You get the picture.


From the sights and smells to the taste, and from the preparation and cooking down to the serving, foodies all have one thing in common – they are in love with food!  If there is a food lover on your gift list this year, the gifts that follow are certain to please.


One great idea for the foodie in your life is a set of handmade artful dishes.  Handmade pottery dishes are always popular, and they can make everything about the presentation of food more enjoyable for a real food lover.  Find out their favorite type of cuisine, then buy them a full set of dishes to match.  For instance, a set of sushi bowls and presentation plates is bound to go down well with a foodie who loves Japanese cuisine.


Cookware is also a great gift choice.  The food lover in your life may have the perfect set of pots and pans already, but what about top of the line baking dishes or unique pans such as a single egg fryer or a sauté dish designed to ensure the perfect even temperature every time?  Visit your local hardware store and browse the cookware section.  you’ll be surprised at what you can come up with.


If you’re pushed for time, a gift card to a local organic foods store can be an incredible gift for a real food lover.  Organic foods can be quite pricey, and most foodies only want to prepare and serve the very best.  By offering a shopping spree at the very finest food store, you are actually presenting the perfect present.


Finding gifts for foodies isn’t nearly as hard as you might think.  Food lovers appreciate all things food related, especially when they are high end or high quality.  Take the time to survey the kitchen or the habits of the food lover in your life, and coming up with the perfect gift idea will be easier than you may imagine.

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