Great Gifts for the Holidays Whatever Your Religion

While it seems like holiday gift lists are getting more and more secular, for those of us with a strong religious background it can be wonderful to give a gift with religious significance. Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or Yule, here are some excellent gifts that really offer the spirit of the season.

For Christmas gifts, a CD of religious carols and hymns can be a great choice.  You can also find many gift ideas such as music boxes and plaques that offer a beautiful nativity scene that will remind the recipient for the reason behind the season every day of the year.

Hanukkah gifts can be equally fun to shop for while offering significance.  Because the tradition is to give eight smaller gifts, you will find that candles, toy menorahs, music, books, and DVDs with religious themes can all be wonderful while offering a traditional feel.

Because Kwanzaa is about remembering and reclaiming the African way of life, there are ample gifts that can be wonderful this holiday season.  Books and artwork celebrating Africa or African Americans are wonderful choices, and gifts that allow children to create their own artwork or cultural jewelry can be a great way to teach older traditions to new generations.

When it comes to Yule, gifts can also be simple.  The holiday is about light and rebirth, and you will find that candles, homemade bath salts, or anything made by hand that can be used in daily life or to bring light and love into the home.

Shopping for the holidays can be stressful, but offering gifts of religious significance is an excellent way to share the season.

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