Green Computing 101: Selecting Earth Friendly iPad Accessories

They say that it’s not easy being green, and in the modern world, that is a pretty upsetting thing to hear.  That’s because the “green” movement is one of the only ways consumers have for saving the environment. 


Fortunately, the world of technology is becoming greener than ever.  The iPad is one of the top tablet PCs currently available.  During 2010, Apple sold 14.8 million iPads, that figure making up 75 percent of all tablet PC sales worldwide.  Just consider the way that you can so easily find an iPad accessory that is earth-friendly and affordable!


This brief discussion will take you through a quick list of some top selling iPad accessories that are made from salvaged materials or along Eco-friendly lines.

Carrying Your iPad in a Green Way


One of the primary areas of concern for almost any piece of computer technology is its protection.  While security of the software is the number one issue, the actual physical devices need to be kept safe from harm such as spills and drops too.


That is why the most popular green iPad accessory is the hard case.  Currently, a consumer can purchase a hand-crafted bamboo case for less than one hundred dollars, or they can find an Eco-friendly imitation leather case for half that price at any computer store or electronics shop.


If style is a major issue, there is the Audrey iPad “Purse”.  This is made from recycled materials and “vegan” leather.  Even the zipper on the bag is a recycled item!  This ensures that an iPad remains free of harm if it is bumped or banged while out of the house, but it also looks pretty stylish, too.


The Sunny Accessory


Of course, one of the most problematic issues with modern technologies involves their energy supplies.  This is one of the reasons that anyone hoping to really “green up” their computer activity will want to investigate their options for a solar charger.


Although the technologies behind solar batteries and charging devices are still not yet advanced enough to allow an iPad or laptop to receive all of the ‘juice’ they need from the sun, there are some units that can be used as free standing batteries in order to operate an iPad.


Currently, the Solio brand is among the most frequently selected to serve as a green power supply for iPad users.


Standing Alone


The biggest complaint that iPad users make is that it isn’t always convenient to hold the device, leading many people to try to prop it up like a computer screen – with sometimes disastrous results when the iPad slips down and falls.  This is the reason that so many different models of stands have appeared.


The DIY crowd, however, have opted to make their own stands from any sort of leftover wood from a building or construction project.  All it requires is a 19mm drill bit, a saw, and a bit of sandpaper to complete the item.  This is something, if done properly, will keep the iPad in an upright position and will never scratch or harm it in any way.  It also works better than a few purchased versions, because it guarantees that the device cannot fall over if the stand’s catch gives way – a common complaint in the purchased stand models.


While being green can be a real challenge, today’s many iPad lovers can enjoy the fact that there are all kinds of accessories and gear meant to keep them and their iPad as Eco-friendly as possible.


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