Holiday Gift Guide for Children With Special Needs

During the holiday season, it can be hard to think of appropriate gifts for children with special needs. However, there are many simple things to remember which can make your task much easier, such as considering the age of the child, type of special needs, and the individual interests of the child.


For instance, make sure you look for toys that have multi-sensory appeal. Does the toy offer appropriate sounds, movement or lights if the child is hearing or sight-impaired? Also, make sure you consider the method of activation for the toy if the child is confined to a wheelchair, or if their range of motion is limited. It is important to make sure the toy will provide a challenge, but will not be frustrating and cause a temper tantrum. You just have to be a little bit sensitive and think about the feelings of the child, and what they may want to get out of the toy. For instance, does the toy involve a number of complex steps, which the child’s special needs may hinder? If so, you may wish to skip this toy as a holiday gift.


Finally, appropriate toys for children with special needs include those that provide opportunities for success. Does the toy offer play that is open-ended? If the toy has a definite wrong or right way to play, it probably is not a good holiday gift choice.

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