How to Add Color to Your Wardrobe This Season

Have you been thinking about spicing up your wardrobe by adding more color?  The same old blacks and grays can become dull after a while, and a splash of color might be just what you need to change things up in your closet – as well as in your life.

You have a number of options when it comes to adding color.  You may want to call into your favorite clothing store to find a blouse that offers a bit more pizazz, or something you can wear under your ‘normal’ clothes to give you the option of concealing it if you become self-conscious.  You need confidence before you are ready to show off your new found sense of flair! 


Of course, you have many other options for adding color more discretely, including your accessories.  You will find that once you start adding clothes with more color to your closet, you will need to buy some more accessories that match.  You can choose chunky necklaces, rings, boots, or shoes with more color to show off.


Whenever you are adding some color to your wardrobe, you need to consider the season and use the colors of nature as your inspiration.  Deep oranges and browns work great in the fall, as bright teals and pinks work best in the summer.  Try soft florals for spring, and metallic for winter.  


Also, make sure that you choose a color that is complimentary with the rest of your ensemble as well.  Buying entire outfits is a good idea so you know that you have things that match.


You can add to your wardrobe slowly, buying a piece here and there, or you can go on a shopping spree at the mall or your local thrift store to add some life to the closet without breaking the bank.  Take a friend along with you whose taste you trust so that they will be able to help you choose colors that work well with your skin tone and hair as well. 


Adding color should be fun and easy, and will give your clothing a whole new lease of life!

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