How to Avoid Paying Retail for Designer Perfume

Why does a bottle of designer perfume cost so much? The answer has little to do with the actual cost of manufacturing, and more to do with the cost of the middleman in the process. Because of the low overhead of some Internet designer perfume stores, you can actually spend less than half of the retail price to get your favorite bottle.

One option is Because the store can buy designer perfume bottles for wholesale prices, they can pass the savings on to you because they only operate online. They don’t have to pay pricey shopping mall rental fees. The site has a superior rating with the Better Business Bureau and guarantees that you are receiving the real product. At prices up to eight percent below retail, how can you go wrong?

Another website,, offers competitive discount prices for designer perfume. Often the homepage will give you a coupon code to enter when you check out, providing additional savings. Whether you want women’s or men’s products, they have a large selection. Their testers are a great way to save big on small promotional sizes of perfumes and colognes.

At, the site posts shipping deals and coupons on its homepage. The company focuses on providing top-notch customer service, and puts people ahead of products. Each bottle of designer perfume is guaranteed to be one hundred percent authentic.

To stretch your family budget, don’t pay regular retail for a bottle of designer perfume at an expensive department store. With so many online choices at safe and secure websites, you can’t lose.

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