How to Choose an Engagement Ring She Will Love

If you are getting ready to pop the big question and you need to pick out an engagement ring, you’ll need to consider several things before you go shopping.  When the time comes to choose an engagement ring, quite a few men feel intimidated.  You want the presentation of the ring to be a surprise, so you need to be able to discretely buy the ring without her knowing.  You don’t want to start asking her what cut of diamond she thinks is nice, or you’ll blow the surprise.


Instead of asking, you will want to start listening.  Innocently follow her into a couple of clothing shops next time she hits the mall, and listen to her opinions as she tries on the jewelry at the counter.  If she doesn’t say anything that gives you more of an idea of what she might like, you may need to enlist outside help.  You will find that her girlfriends, sisters, or her mother can be great allies.  They will have a better idea of what she wants, and they can get the information you need without her becoming too suspicious. 


Get the basic information, such as the type of metal she likes for rings (gold, platinum, etc.), the diamond cut, and the size of the diamond.  You should also try to get her ring size by secretly borrowing a ring she often wears on the appropriate finger.  Don’t just take any old ring out of her jewelery box – remember that each finger on your beloved’s hand is a different size.  So a ring that fits great on her middle finger will be far too loose on her ring finger.  You’d be surprised at how many men have made this mistake in the past!


You need to make sure that you have a budget that can handle the ring, as well.  You do not want to go so far into debt with the ring that you can’t pay for the wedding.  You will need good credit if you’ll be making payments, or ensure you save a for a few months while seeking out the diamond ring of her dreams. 

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