How to Choose Books That Appeal to Gifted Children

If you are the parent of a gifted child, buying books can be difficult. In many cases, your child’s reading level will be well beyond that of their peers. Does this mean that they should be able to read adult books? Here is some advice on buying books for gifted children.

With gifted children, it is important to be careful when buying books. Books designed for their reading level may in fact seem childish, and may well do little to improve their reading skills. On the other hand, many books for older children and adults may well have themes that are simply too dark or inappropriate for younger kids. While gifted children are incredibly intelligent, it is also their emotional development that must be considered when buying books.

A great idea when buying books for gifted children is to consider those especially created for them. There are a number of books that have been written and printed for gifted children. These books often offer a substantially higher level of vocabulary and slightly older concepts, while still remaining appropriate for children. Books such as Morris and Boris are great for younger readers, while the Phantom Tollbooth and the Adventures of Penrose the Mathematical Cat are also great choices.

There are plenty of choices out there to make buying books for gifted children easier. Take the time to read through the choices on offer, and never hesitate to ask other parents for advice. With the right choices, your kids will have fun reading books designed with them in mind!

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