How to Choose Complimentary Colors for Autumn Decorations

Autumn decorations are the perfect way to bring a little piece of the outside into your house in the autumn, and to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Have fun with autumn decorations by creating a buying plan that maximizes your creativity and your budget.


Shop for Color

Everyone understands the basic color schemes involved in the two major autumn holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Yet your autumn decorations can have a much bigger impact if you focus buys on just two main colors, then add a third “complimentary” color as an accent. For instance, you may focus on buying orange and black Halloween decorations that include green as the third color, or purple or maybe gold. For Thanksgiving, you may focus on buying brown and gold autumn decorations that feature red as a third accent, or perhaps orange. By focusing on a basic color scheme, the autumn decorations you buy will create a strong impact.


Shop by Theme

Will your autumn decorations have a fun, playful theme, focus on country charm, or create an atmosphere of sophisticated elegance? Would you like to focus your Halloween decorations on one primary image, such as a witch, or perhaps a cornucopia for Thanksgiving? You can browse shops, magazines and websites that focus on holiday decorating to get ideas about themes for your own autumn decorations. With themes in mind, you’ll avoid blowing your budget on a mis-matched jumble of autumn decorations that simply don’t work well together.


Color and theme are two basic guidelines you can use to focus when shopping for autumn decorations, or supplies to make them yourself. Choose colors and themes that reflect your own tastes and personality, not just ideas retailers would like to sell you. If you love your autumn-themed decorations enough, you may be tempted to keep them up all year round!

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