How to Choose the World’s Best Gift for Your Child
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Picture the scene – you’ve out shopping for gifts for your kids at a busy mall. You have your money in hand, and your whole lunch break ahead of you – but you’re blanking on ideas. Well, have no fear, because here are a few perennially perfect gift ideas that are a hit with kids of all ages. These are all easy to find no matter where you’re shopping.


Books are a great choice for kids, so long as you can find subject matter that will engage your children. Pick books on subjects they love, or pick out books you enjoyed yourself at their age. When shopping, make sure that the books are age appropriate and not too far above their reading level. Remember too that kids become faster, better readers when reading books that they’re interested in.


Cameras are a big hit with children of all ages. When camera shopping, look for digital cameras that will withstand a high level of abuse. Don’t spend more than you’re comfortable spending, because the camera may wind up lost or damaged. For very young children, plastic ‘kiddie cams’ are available in most stores. These are actual working cameras, housed inside a ‘toy’ body that can withstand a certain amount of chewing and throwing!


Kids love posters. When you’re out poster shopping, just keep in mind your child’s favorite cartoon characters, actors, or musicians. You should include removable poster mounts of a big frame on your shopping list, because you don’t want them using sticky tape on the back, which will damage your wall finish.


Magic is intriguing for many children, so you may want to begin by shopping for age-appropriate magic kits or books. Kids love showing off the tricks they learn in front of an audience!


If you know your children love hands-on activities, you may want to go shopping for crafts. Craft stores now have aisles full of crafts specifically geared toward children. You can also go shopping for jewelry craft kits so that your daughter can make her own necklaces and bracelets.


No matter what you’re shopping for, keep in mind your child’s age and interests. They’ll be thrilled with your thoughtfulness.

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