How to Choose Trendy Clothing and Shirts for Younger Boys

When shopping for your young son, there are many different styles of youth clothing to choose from. T-shirts are particularly popular with young boys because they are comfortable, colorful and easy to put on. They are also hard wearing and most are color safe in the washing machine, so you will get many years of wear out of them before he out-grows them.

Boys shirts that feature messages such as “Will trade sister for homework” are cute and have become extremely popular in just the last few years. Comic book heroes as well as rock bands have become particularly popular choices for adorning t-shirts for boys, although if you are buying a shirt with a picture on for your little one, be sure to find out what his favorite shows and bands are, or you may wind up embarrassing him with a shirt that is years out of date.


Also, watch the age gap and be sure to chat with him about his favorite things regularly. Children’s tastes change rapidly as they grow up, and a four-year-old who adores the Teletubbies will overnight become a five-year-old who is obsessed with Spongebob Squarepants, who wouldn’t be seen dead in the expensive ‘Lala’ shirt you just bought him.


You can also find boy’s shirts available in both polo neck and crew neck versions. Be sure to check with your son to determine which neck style he prefers.

When your little guy needs a shirt that is a bit dressier, you might consider pinstripe button-up boy shirts. When combined with a nice pair of pants, these boys shirts provide a classic, preppy look. You can also layer a button-up shirt over a t-shirt for a bit more of a casual look.

Shopping for trendy boys clothing doesn’t have to be difficult when you make sure to chat with your little one regularly, and make sure you are both on the same page about his likes and dislikes.

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