How to Dress Appropriately for an Office Party

When the holidays come around, chances are good that you will have several parties with friends to attend, as well as an office party.  One important difference here is how you dress for that holiday office party – the attire you choose is crucial to the success of the evening. If you’re heading out to the mall to go clothes shopping for the big office party, here are some tips to remember.

For the Guys


For men, office party attire should be somewhat casual, but professional.  A nice pair of slacks and a button-up shirt is fine.  A funny holiday tie can add some fun to your attire.  You might even go so far as to wear khakis and a golf shirt, but avoid going too casual since it is still an office and you’ll still be judged!

For the Girls


For ladies, holiday attire needs a bit of attention.  Retail stores abound with skimpy, cleavage-showing dresses and outfits.  Eschew these in favor of something more professional.  There’s nothing wrong with a colorful sweater or even a little black dress… provided the dress is not too little.  Remember that you are still in a professional setting and you need to choose your attire appropriately.  If your skirt or dress is shorter than your knees – change it.  You don’t want that creepy guy from Accounting oogling you, if nothing else.

Fitting and Style

For both men and women, it is important to remember that the attire chosen should be relaxed enough that you feel that you are able to cut loose a bit, but professional enough that you are not scandalizing anyone in the group. You also need to remember that HR and your bosses will be watching, so it is best to choose attire that will not embarrass you in the working world. 


If you don’t want to spend money on new, Christmas-themed red and green clothing, a Santa hat or a cheap flashing holiday pin can communicate that you’re dressed for the season, without you having to go all out and show up in a hand-knitted Christmas sweater that will get you teased for the next 5 years.  Professional, but casual, attire should be your rule at the holiday office party.

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