How to Find a Good Book Club For Your Teenager

Getting a teenager to read can be a challenging task.  Thankfully, in the age of Harry Potter and Twilight, many teens are experiencing a new-found love of the hobby.  If you are looking to encourage your teenager to continue reading, or to find peers with shared interests, encouraging them to join a book club can be a great choice. 

A good place to go when looking for a local book club can be your  local library.  Many libraries offer book clubs for people of all ages, from children to teenagers to adults.  This can make a great option for your teenager.  Another great place to check is with local schools.  Many public and private schools alike offer book clubs, many of which are open to the public.  Organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club, and other youth organizations also offer book clubs that might be suitable for your teenager.

Of course, if you have trouble finding a book club, you can always start one yourself.  Your teenager might love the notion of having all of their friends over once a week to discuss the latest Stephanie Meyer book, or to share what other great reading material they have found lately.  You never know how many other teens you might help in the process. 

Book clubs are a great way to get your teenager reading, learning, and interacting to continue their passion for storytelling.

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